How to be Successful in Your Online 2D Digital Design Course


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For the first few days of each week, you should be coming to this site to learn. I’ll provide things to read, videos to watch, and sometimes audio to listen to. If I provide instructions for Photoshop or Illustrator methods, you should be practicing those things as well! Don’t wait until Sunday night.

The first few days is also the best time to pin as many images to your Pinterest account as you can to show that you can visually spot concepts at work. Again, if you wait until Sunday night, it will be too late.

There are 3 sites you need to have bookmarked for this course:
(This site. Learning, discussion, and submission)
(Collect images that demonstrate a concept) 
(Check your grade and see feedback from me on your assignments.)



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Once you’ve tried to absorb as much information as you can and you’ve tried practicing things on your own, then it’s the  perfect time to come back to the discussion area here to chat with me and your fellow students about what you’re seeing and learning. Don’t wait until Sunday night to ask important questions!

If you’re nervous about whether you’re doing something right or if you can’t figure out how to do something remember to email me or even ask me to meet you in the Wood Center or my office or the library to work one-on-one with me. If you’re not in Fairbanks or if you can’t make it to campus, then we can arrange to do a Google Hangout so that I can share my screen with you and show you how. But again, don’t wait until Sunday night!


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Sunday is the big day to make sure you’ve done your assignments for the week. Remember, there are 3 main things I will be asking each week:

  1. Did you add at least 20 pins to your Pinterest board each week, do each of your pins show that you understand the concepts for that week, and do you have notes added that explain why you pinned the image and who created it?
  2. Did you contribute to discussions in a thoughtful manner? Did you reply to your classmates’ comments as well? (It’s not a discussion unless you respond to others.)
  3. Did you upload your “Emulate” and “Create” assignments via the Airtable form located in the lower right hand corner of each page?

If you wait until Sunday night to do all of these things you won’t be able to ask me questions like “Did I do it right?” nor will I accept excuses like “I couldn’t upload the files” or “I didn’t understand the assignment.”  If you want to make sure you get an A in this course, submit your work early!