Welcome to 2D Digital Design with Madara Mason!

STEP ONE: Visit our Slack Channel and introduce yourself. Then, return here. 

STEP TWO: Read the Syllabus

Getting Started

Ends September 2

Setting up your accounts and preparing for the semester. Test submissions.

Figure & Ground

Ends September 9

Figure and ground are two extremely basic concepts you need to know.  

Frame & Surface

Ends September 12

Choosing a the right frame and surface can make a big difference in your work.

Mark & Line

Ends September 19

It may seem simple enough, but some artists can convey more in a line than others can in a lifetime.

The Grid

Ends September 29

At the heart of many contemporary forms lies this basic structure.


Ends October 3

Pattern can create a sense of rhythm and can also help harmonize elements.


Ends October 10

Texture can be real, but it can be merely suggested as well.

Asymmetry & Balance

Ends October 17

Too much symmetry can bore your viewer, but a lack of balance is just as bad.

Motion & Emotion

Ends October 24

How do we depict motion? Is there any connection to emotion when we do so?

MidTerm Project

Ends October 31

This portfolio will eventually become your Final Project as well!

Color & Value

Ends November 7

One of my favorite topics and one of the most powerful tools in art.

Time & Space

Ends November 14

Time and space aren’t just for physicists. Artist must have a command of these topics.

Transparency & Opacity

Ends November 30

Get a hold on using transparency as both a tool and a concept.

Unity & Coherence

Ends December 5

Putting it all together.

Final Project

Absolutely Ends December 14

Finishing up.