1.  Go to Adobe Spark and use your Adobe login to sign into this web-based tool.  You can also use the mobile app for Adobe Spark if you’re comfortable with that.

2. Create a page that covers ALL 8  of the topics that we’ve used so far (figure & ground, frame & surface, mark and line, the grid, pattern,  texture, and asymmetry & balance) using at least one photo of your own and an additional photo by another artist as long as you properly credit the artist.

3. Publish the page and share the link with me in the usual submission spot (where the Pinterest link usually goes). MAKE SURE you’ve published the project.

4. Use the criteria below to create a portfolio that shows me what you’ve learned so far.

An Example

This is a partial example that I designed.

<script id="asp-embed-script" data-zindex="1000000" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src=""></script><a class="asp-embed-link" href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Mid Semester Project" style="width:90%" border="0" /></a>

Examples from Previous Semesters

These examples are just a sampling. Be aware that their projects had slightly different requirements than yours. Don’t use them as templates, but rather as inspiration.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6

Example 7



You should have the following in each of the eight sections of your page:

  • A subtitle for the section
  • At least a paragraph of text that explains your understanding of the topic and how it related to your understanding of an artwork. This is not an academic paper though! Be real and don’t load the paragraph up with a bunch of “art speak” just to fill up a paragraph. Be creative. Help me understand what you’ve learned.  
  • Another paragraph of text that explains the techniques you used to create the image.  
  • Images that are examples of each topic. At least one image of your own (8 total) and an OPTIONAL photo by another artist. If you use another artist’s work be sure to identify the artist, the title, and the medium.  
  • Be creative and inventive. This is an art class, so trying to approach your project in your own unique way is important.  
  • Bonus: if some of your assignments have been late, or you’ve skipped something, or you haven’t really been involved in the discussion area very often, I will take into account a 9th section where you create a piece that shows off your skills in 2D design AND Photoshop. This would need to be a piece that shows a combination of multiple topics (texture, the grid, mark and line, etc) into one piece of art and reveals your Photoshop skills as well. Make something awesome! You also need to extend your text portions throughout the project in order to show that you have developed a strong ability to articulate art concepts.